Al Zain Management Consultancy and Research Group offering high quality market research analysis and consulting services across the Middle east, Asia and North African countries and Some other parts as well the company has major focus on provide satisfaction to our clients and we have the team and leadership which will help you to provide excellent market research

We provide these are the services in Middle East,North Africa and Asia Pacific Regions-We provide qualitative, quantitative and online research across all market sectors and industry verticals – including Advertising, Banking/Financial/Insurance, Civil Service/Local Government, Computing/IT/Data Processing, Communications, Construction, Consulting, Education, Engineering, Entertainment/Leisure/Recreation, Healthcare, Internet/Web Development, Legal, Manufacturing, Marketing, Market Research, Media, Medical, Pharmaceutical/Chemical, Printing, Property/Estate agency, Public Relations, Publishing,

Religious/Not-for-profit organization, Restaurant/Hotels/Catering, Retail/Wholesale trade, Social Services, Telecommunications, Transport, Travel/Tourism, Telesales/Telemarketing and Utilities . B2B and B2C surveys, central location / in hall tests, healthcare fieldwork using our proprietary Online Panels, brand awareness, product tests, competition & segmentation studies as well as comprehensive industry analyses and forecasting and also we are reaching very fast in many other areas as well to offer you the best services

Telephone Interviews

We offer a perfect Telephonic interviews those are quite similar to other forms of market research interview, those help to clients to get the details what they want to take from their consumers.The major advantage of performing telephonic interviews that numerous and geographically disparate respondents can be interviewed relatively easily and cheaply - as opposed to the travel involved if interviewing the same respondents face to face. However, the researcher does sacrifice certain elements which are sometimes important, such as the ability to view body language, and the reassurance that a face to face conversation can give if the topic is particularly personal. but we insure that whenever you will connect with us you will get the best result

Depth Interviews

In-depth interviews we offer data collection method, which includes direct, one-on-one engagement with individual participants.
Interviewers have more opportunity to ask for follow-up questions, check for additional information, and later to solve the main questions in the interview, there is a greater chance of creating a rich understanding of approach, perception, inspiration etc,because in-depth interviews can potentially be so insightful, it is possible to identify highly valuable findings quickly

Personal Interviews

The purpose of conducting a personal interview survey is to explore the responses of the people to gather more and deeper information and Al Zain has the perfect team for this kind of interviews those offer a professional work along with great quality in given time

Group Discussion

Group Discussion are a group of interacting individuals, brought together by a moderator or interviewer, who drives the group and its interaction to gain information about a specific research topic and we provide the best participant those offer a great result of group discussion